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Shed Hunters

Shed hunting is a lifestyle of grinding long miles every Spring. We know every antler has a story and experience tied to it, and we want you to get the most out of the hard work you put in to haul out that brown gold. Our #1 goal is your repeat business. We work hard to make every transaction a fair and positive experience because next year we know you'll be back on those hills.

Best Grading

Many antler buyers will offer a high price but then harshly grade. This is an underhanded way to rip shed hunters off. We offer fair and lax grading. You will make more money with a looser grading system. You can read more about our grading here. We want you to have a good experience and to have your repeat business next year!

We Aren't Shady

Yep, we said it.
If you have sold antlers before, there is a good chance you dealt with an underhanded antler buyer.

If it's your first time selling your antler finds, then you're in luck.

We use state certified scales, you can always see the scale weight read outs, prices will be consistent, and you will always get a receipt including weight, price, and grade. 

We Pay Cash

If you would prefer to be paid in cash, let us know and we'll make it happen. You will always receive a receipt after every transaction.

Big Piles

We will travel off our route for large amounts of antler.
Please specify in your message to us if you have a pile that is +100lbs

Your repeat business is our #1​ goal.

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